The 2017 Cervantes Art Festival

The Cervantes Cultural Committee presents The Cervantes Art Festival

Now a biennial Event: established 2004

Community involvement: Street Art Trail: All residents are invited to create a “work of art in

their front yard to the current theme, this year the theme is “Sea/See or “C” a sense of fun is

what it’s all about, other than grossly rude or hurtful, all variations are accepted. A substantial

prize is awarded to the Winner. Independently Judged.

We place Sponsors banners, colourful flags with Spanish dancers and wheelbarrows full of

plants around the streets to brighten things up, and our “little Blokes” are placed on bikes/ up

trees, on the motel wall, to advertise the event ( Little Blokes are wooden skeletons with foam

float heads dressed as fishermen)

We have an overall local resident prize in the exhibition/competition sponsored by the Bendigo

Bank this covers the Shires of Dandaragan and Coorow.

The Carrot Cake Queen or King Competition: A Fun Event. For the Domestic God/Goddess: If

you cannot Draw, Paint, Sculpt, take Photos, Sew, Knit..Make a Carrot Cake, cakes are donated

to the cause, cakes are judged on Friday early afternoon and silently auctioned on Opening night,

the winner is presented, Crowned, and Paraded, as is the Charity Queen/King (the person’s cake

that has raised the most money )

Children: Six categories for kids in the competition: artist/tutor led workshops are held during

the weekend.

Workshops for adults: We employ at least 2 artists to hold workshops over the 10 day festival.

We invite 6 artists to demonstrate & sell their work (stall holders).

Deckchair Auction: We find 5 Artists willing to Paint a deckchair canvas and donate it to us, to

be silently auctioned for the length of the Festival. This money goes toward continuing and

supporting the festival.

The Art entries: We have 4 depots in Perth, 1 in Geraldton where artists can bring their work to

be picked up and returned if unsold, we send two vehicles to collect in Perth, one to Geraldton,

then do the return trip, this ensures we get a wide range of entries. 640 is our highest to date.

Show & Shine: Car & Bike Display. Kevin Dennis has volunteered to organise the annual “Show

& Shine” in 2016 he had 157 vehicles, their owners and friends come to Cervantes.

We supported him with a Market Day. The Show & Shine and Market Day will take place again

on Saturday 21 st October 2017.

Cervantes Cultural Committee Inc.

Contact Dianne Knight.